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Practice and next competition

Vienna Firebirds



1. Practice at Madison

tonight (2/7/2019)

Saturday at Madison from 12:2


2. this weekend's Federation tournaments is at


15000 Graduation Dr,

 Haymarket, VA 20169


4. coach's sign up



4.   the next, and last, TOPs tournament.  I've enclosed the email TOP sent out.  If you're interested please read the description, and see, the video describing this event. 


"Hi all,

Coupon codes are listed below for the final WWS tournament of the year: President's Day "Tag Team" on MONDAY, February 18.

We have a web page that describes the basics of how this unique event works.

Here is a short video that should answer more questions.

In short, we hope it's a fun and different experience for the kids, some whom are wrapping up their seasons...and others who can use a nice change of pace before the serious post-season tourneys begin.

Let me know if you have any questions. Registration deadline is Wednesday, February 13 (one extra day!).


Check email Coupon Codes:


Thanks, TOP"



Our Vienna Firebirds club has become the preeminent program in the Northern Virginia Wrestling Federation (NVWF), producing dozens of regional champions and high school varsity wrestlers.  In 2018-2019 we’re going to build on this success and take the program to the next level. 


Our goal is to teach and encourage a love for the sport of wrestling - the oldest sport in the world. Wrestling teaches a mental and physical discipline unlike any other sport and establishes character traits and skills that are applicable to all aspects of life and which extend well beyond the years spent on the wrestling mat.


We’re excited about the season and hope that you will join us.  If you have any questions or comments please don’t hesitate to contact VYI Wrestling Commissioner: 

Mark Friedman:

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